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5 entertainment destinations price at 1$ in Hanoi

In autumn, the scenery of Hanoi becomes more beautiful than ever, and what else could be better than going to a nice destination at the weekend and enjoying the passionate taste of the most beautiful season of the year. If you still wonder if choosing an interesting destination and a reasonable price for less than 1 $, please read the article below!

Imperial Cidatel of Thang Long – An attractive destination for tourists

Imperial Cidatel of Thang Long is a tourist attraction that attracts young people to visit and experience, this place preserves a lot of the core traditional cultural values of our nation from the past until now. When visiting, visitors will be surprised by the ancient buildings, important historical relics that once went into the heroic history of our people.

Imperial Cidatel of Thang Long - An attractive destination
Imperial Cidatel of Thang Long – An attractive destination

A nation with a patriotic tradition will go deep into the subconscious of anyone who visits Hoang Thanh, the price of tickets to Imperial Cidatel of Thang Long is also quite cheap from VND 30,000, if you are students, you will get more preferential price. The large and airy space will make your spirit more comfortable and keep many beautiful moments with friends and relatives.

Temple of Literature – A famous destination of Hanoi

Temple of Literature is not only a symbol of Hanoi capital but also the first university in Southeast Asia. This place has sacred space because of the moss of boldness in history, along with the large stelae registering the talented people.. Every year, in each Temple of Literature exam, millions of pilgrims come to the pray for luck and high graduation. The ticket for visiting the Temple of Literature is only 20,000VND, and it is also preferential for those who are students and students, so you should remember to bring your student card!

Temple of Literature - A famous destination
Temple of Literature – A famous destination

In addition, opposite Van Mieu is also Van Lake relic with many values of the soul of the nation, when you come here, you are lost in the space of a wide peaceful village with many stalls and many attractive folk games. In the weekend, we also organize a visit tour to experience interesting activities such as painting, making paper, writing calligraphy on an empty background, … attracting many young people to experience.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

If you do not have the time or health to go to all parts of the country, then go to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to be immersed in the cultural space of 54 ethnic groups.

A folk house at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
A folk house at Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Each ethnic group has its own color of life, its own way of life, which has created a variety of national cultural identity that your world will be expanded. What is unique about the museum is that no matter where they live or what kind of group they are, they always unite and create a strong country. Moreover, there is also a meaningful stage art performance such as water puppet show that attracts visitors to watch and experience. Currently, the water puppet show is taking place in the autumn banquet program with the price of only 1 $ for groups of over 10 people, visitors will be immersed in the traditional cultural and artistic space of the nation with extremely special performance depicting the image of the Vietnamese village.



Young people at Van Lake
Young people at Van Lake

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Recreation area in the shopping malls

The shopping center is also a crowded shopping place, parents can both buy necessary household appliances and make a useful playground for their kid through games. When returning home after playing games, a weekend dinner with friends and relatives will help people share and love each other more.

Spending weekend at shopping center
Spending weekend at the shopping center


Street food

In the ancient street, there are many cheap and attractive snacks for everyone, only from VND 20,000 you will enjoy a lot of delicious dishes from all regions of the country.

Hanoi is a big city and the capital of Vietnam, where there are many students in the country. Thanks to the important position, this place has become a culinary paradise with extremely attractive dishes.

Attractive street food
Attractive street food

These place above are some interesting places for you to spend your weekends in Hanoi that you want to explore and experience. Hope you have an interesting and meaningful experience!



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